LED Grid Lights (Recessed)

Product Features:

Easy to Install
- Suitable for almost all standard ceiling systems
- Interchangeable units

Longer Lifetime
- Utilize top brand LED chips for longer life and superior output maintenance
- Reduce replacements & maintenance cost

Recessed Luminaires
- Simple design makes ceiling look neat

Uniform Light Distribution & Low Glare
- Create comfortable lighting for occupants and improve productivity

Easy to Clean
- Less dust accumulation and reduces operating temperature issues


Office, Hypermarket, Gymnasium, Parking, Warehouse, Distribution Center


Model Power Luminous Flux Color Temp. CRI Beam Angle Voltage Range Rated Current Efficiency Lifetime Weight Dimension
(L x W x H)
Wattage =
(Mercury Lamp)
LSQ1050A50W5500lm6500K>80115°AC 100-240V0.23-0.6A110 lm/W50000 hrs2.9Kg600x600x40mm80W
LSQ1050B50W5500lm5000K>80115°AC 100-240V0.23-0.6A110 lm/W50000 hrs2.9Kg600x600x40mm80W
LSQ1075A75W8625lm6500K>80115°AC 100-240V0.27-1.5A115 lm/W50000 hrs3.45Kg600x600x40mm300W
LSQ1075B75W8625lm5000K>80115°AC 100-240V0.27-1.5A115 lm/W50000 hrs3.45Kg600x600x40mm300W
LSQ1100A100W11500lm6500K>80115°AC 100-240V0.39-1.5A115 lm/W50000 hrs3.45Kg600x600x40mm450W
LSQ1100B100W11500lm5000K>80115°AC 100-240V0.39-1.5A115 lm/W50000 hrs3.45Kg600x600x40mm450W

* Data based on available wattages and LED solutions.

Installation Method :