About ADATA Lighting

Advanced Optical Core Technologies

ADATA Lighting is a leader in optical technologies, and offers core competitive advantages in lighting products. ADATA Lighting has a professional optical research and development team, focusing on research and development of advanced optical technologies, including secondary lens design, optical thin film technology and injection molding technology. The optical technology R& D team has yielded multiple domestic and foreign patent applications, a strong marketing tool around the world.

ADATA senior optical engineering teams develop various optical molds in accordance with the lighting and environmental needs. The use of ultra-precision machining and casting molding process of glass technology is combined with automated production technology. The results of optical technology research are embodied in all ADATA Lighting LED lighting products.

Complete lighting system integration solutions

ADATA Lighting provides customers more than just lighting products, but also a complete lighting system integration solution. Lighting considerations include secondary optics in optical design, field uniformity, light field, color temperature, color mixing, wide viewing angle and light distribution curve, optical efficiency, thermal efficiency, product life and appearance. Furthermore, lighting systems should not only take into account the product itself, but also consider compatibility and integration with other systems (such as solar system). In addition, different environments (oceanic, cold, hot, or rainy) will also require special designs.

ADATA Lighting applications have outstanding optical design and thermal conductivity. Patented high-efficiency circuit and mechanical designs give flexibility to customers for the creation of high efficiency and low energy-consumption lighting systems, ideal for integration into existing programs.

Quality Certifications

ADATA Lighting optical lighting products and production processes have obtained China Quality Inspection Center (CQC) and the International Standards (ISO) certification.

Professional Laboratory

ADATA Lighting has a professional certified optical lab, electronics lab, mechanical heat flow laboratory, as well as reliability and environmental testing laboratories. ADATA Lighting products undergo complete and rigorous testing, to provide customers with the most reliable quality products and services.